Auto Sync

Auto Sync

Auto sync technology is used in many electronic devices. From MP3 players, iPods, smartphones and even PCs. In fact you could have easily used the technology without even knowing. Auto sync enables a person to arrange files in a device according to particular specifications, or according to preferences. For example, you can sync the files on your desktop PC with your laptop or smartphone. This will enable real time updating of the files in both devices whenever there is a change in the files.

You can also sync your smartphone to receive emails as soon as they are sent. Thus, instead of having to check for email on the laptop or desktop, you can do it on the phone. When it comes to entertainment, it is possible to sync audio and video files between devices. When this is done, you can upload the files from one device and have them available in another, already synced device, instantly.

Some devices, especially smartphones, come with pre-installed software that enables automatic auto syncing. For some older PCs, you may need to install third party software to enable auto syncing. Usually, when a device is connected to another through Bluetooth or USB, the auto sync application will launch automatically. When the two devices are synced, a user can transfer files between them and as they are synced, they will be given unique names based on the settings of the auto sync software.

Make changes automatically

Nearly all modern MP3 players, iPods, iPhones and laptops come with their own type of auto syncing software. Depending on the devices, as well as specifications of the software, you can get automatic firmware updates from the manufacturer’s website, new apps from the marketplace (in case of smartphones), ability to sync to music playing and download sites like iTunes. The ability to add or change email and phone contacts on your PC and have these changes reflected on your phone automatically (the reverse is also true).

You will also have the ability to forward emails from your primary exchange server to the PC. The transfer of photos from your camera to laptop or phone are also easily achieved. In short, auto sync is also about file transfer and management across different devices in real time. When a file is modified in a particular device, the changes are instantly reflected in the other devices where the file is also available.

Advantages of auto sync

There are many advantages of auto sync. For example, those with a large music library on their phone or iPods can auto rotate the files, thanks to auto sync. Moreover, as you use auto sync, information such as the most played tracks, or most viewed files, can be updated. As a result, you can browse files in terms of favorites, which are determined by auto sync.

Apart from email, you can enable auto sync to access information or feeds from your favorite websites. For instance, smartphones can auto sync Facebook and Twitter information to your phone as scheduled, for example, after every 30 minutes. Users may, however, need to install third party apps to access feeds from their favorite sites.